Synopsis: Hell or Heaven?
24 May 2016

I love writing a synopsis. There, I said it out loud. Hard to believe, right? It is excruciatingly difficult to take 100,000 words and distill them into three or four hundred, or less, and still keep what remains sufficiently interesting. There is a famous quote by Mark Twain and others, which I will here bastardize: […]

30 March 2016

The following is probably not entirely true… —The Editor To say that authors of speculative fiction are agents of the future is to state the obvious. Sufficiently compelling ideas generated in the mind of a reader will most certainly influence his or her individual outlook to some degree, perhaps his or her future, and even […]

Little Voices
14 February 2016

One of the first things you notice when embarking on a creative endeavor are all the little voices in your head. A beginner’s head, especially, is full of advice, and rules, and lists of do’s and dont’s. For a new writer, there’s an entire industry out there, in case you hadn’t noticed, bent on helping […]